Target mechanisms

Target mechanisms by SPAME, Ltd., are designed to perform basic and advanced training in shooting hand guns and combat vehicles, using the variability of target situations.
Target mechanisms allow training in both day and night time, and they provide reliable registration of interventions for objective evaluation of trainees. They are formed by assembly of electronic, electrical, electromechanical and hydraulic parts.
The device is designed to require minimal maintenance.

All components except battery chargers have an independent power supply and are equipped with a radio modem. Radio frequency is selected in commercial zones and it is possible to use other frequencies.

Since 2005, remote control kits for targets (ZDOT) training devices have been supllied to the Army of the Czech Republic.

SPAME, Ltd.,has been registered as a supplier of NATO codenamed NCAGE: 1744G.

Small target lifters and small target trucks are determined for shooting practice by other candidates, such as hunting associations, gun clubs, private shooting range etc.

Target mechanisms